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Double Rivet Shelving Rack, Bin Shelving Rack, Wide Span Shelving Rack, Welded Pallet Shelving Rack
Storage Rack, Pallet Rack
Manufacturer / Supplier/Integrator, Both for Warehouse and Retail System
Double Rivet Shelving Rack, Bin Shelving Rack, Wide Span Shelving Rack, Welded Pallet Shelving Rack

Ningbo FTZ Firebird Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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Storage Rack, Pallet Rack Manufacturer / Supplier/Integrator, Both for Warehouse and Retail System

Located in China, Ningbo FTZ Firebird Import and Export Company Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of a large variety of shelving racks such as our light storage rack, wide span storage rack, heavy duty pallet rack, bicycle shelving rack, cantilever rack, firebird logistic equipment, rack supported building, roller racking system, shelving and rack production equipment, and more. We are proud to provide customers with all-in-one service, from product design and manufacture to final installation. FTZ Firebird products are popular throughout China and are also exported to America, Britain, Commonwealth of Independent States, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

  • Double Rivet Shelving Rack
  • Double Rivet Shelving RackOur double rivet shelving rack, durable and simple to assemble, is widely found in many places like store, warehouse, workshop and sample room. Its price is quite reasonable and its design is close to perfect. Double rivet shelving rack, a light storage rack, is named for that rivet connects its beams and support columns together. When assembling, there is no need for screw, therefore, it is easy to disassemble and has various assembly designs. In addition to double rivet shelving rack with 2-3 shelves, we can also offer single rivet rack with 5 shelves.
  • Bin Shelving Rack
  • Bin Shelving RackOur bin shelving rack is designed to organize and store small spare parts and it enjoys great popularity and reputation among many consumers due to its reasonable design and efficient space utilization. Also, it is a mature product and comes with a stable quality. After the market testing and outstanding quality and efficiency control, this product becomes more and more competitive. So the price of bin shelving rack reaches its lowest level, which can save a sum of capital for enterprises or individuals to achieve a win-win situation. In addition, there are 6 specifications of plastic bins for customers to choose and different types of bin shelving rack ...
  • Wide Span Shelving Rack
  • Wide Span Shelving RackOur wide span shelving rack, all-welded structure, comes with powder coat finishing. As a common rack in enterprise, each layer of it can support about 200-800 kilograms. It is simple and quick to assemble and disassemble, but it offers a reasonable price. You can inlay medium density fiberboard whose thickness is less than 20mm into this shelving rack. Steel shelves or meshes both are OK. And medium density fiberboard will increase each layer's bearing capacity, while reinforcement contributes for safety and rigidity. In addition, wide span shelving rack adopts embedded insurance clasp to increase its safety factor.
  • Welded Pallet Shelving Rack
  • Welded Pallet Shelving RackWelded pallet shelving rack which made of hot rolled steel, is the first choice of medium and large enterprises that have heavy cargoes to be stored. Its support column has two specifications: 3″x1-5/8″ and 3″x 3″ and every column weights 8T or 12T. Also, base plate has two specifications: 80x108mm and 127x178mm. As for beams, it offers with adjustable height of 50mm and its thickness is 14GA. The welded pallet shelving rack adopts all-welded structure and the colors of support columns are up to you.
    Generally speaking, light storage rack and wide span storage rack comes with steel shelf ...
  • Drive in Pallet Shelving Rack
  • Drive in Pallet Shelving RackDrive in pallet shelving rack, a narrow aisle pallet racking, is used where high-density storage is required, with pallet stored in a block system. Frequently, it is used in facilities with a low number of product lines. The trucks drive into the racking to load or retrieve pallets, which are stored on cantilevered rails running throughout the system. The first pallet in is the last one out unless a drive-through system is used whereby pallets can be loaded or retrieved from either side of the block. Another arrangement for the pallets is first-in, first out. Drive in pallet shelving rack offers the ability to store a large amount of similar loads in a smaller area.
  • Mezzanine Shelving Rack
  • Mezzanine Shelving RackMezzanine shelving rack, with an overhead mezzanine rack system, is ideally suitable for those situations such as high warehouse, manual delivery, large storage volume, etc. The mezzanine rack system which ranges from 250 to over 250,000 square feet allows utilization of unused overhead space. When you need additional floor space for office, storage, assembly, or light manufacturing, you can adopt the kind of product.
    Mezzanine shelving rack is mainly designed to the warehouse layout of manufacturers. Generally, there are two or three layers and the bottom rack is used to store pallets or goods ...
  • Stacking Rack
  • Stacking RackStacking rack or unit shelving is carrying and storing equipment which derives from pallet and a multifunctional equipment that combine packaging, storing, circulation of goods together. It needs to work with forklift. Stacking rack can make fully use of the limited space and has double functions of rack and packing container to greatly enhance the warehouse utilization. It comes with many advantages.
    Firstly, it can freely be placed according to space conditions. Secondly, it has uniform specifications and fixed volume. You can easily check and calculate.
  • Work Bench
  • Work BenchWork bench, with a reasonable structure, is simple and convenient to assemble and disassemble. This product is commonly seen in workshops and private garages. Also, you can make it become a platform for metal processing by placing some tools. In addition, it is a high-quality product which is made of enough raw materials.
    We are a professional work bench manufacturer in China. We also provide steel stairs, tools stacking rack, stacking rack, drive in pallet shelving rack, and much more.