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Double Rivet Shelving Rack

Our double rivet shelving rack, durable and simple to assemble, is widely found in many places like store, warehouse, workshop and sample room. Its price is quite reasonable and its design is close to perfect. Double rivet shelving rack, a light storage rack, is named for that rivet connects its beams and support columns together. When assembling, there is no need for screw, therefore, it is easy to disassemble and has various assembly designs. In addition to double rivet shelving rack with 2-3 shelves, we can also offer single rivet rack with 5 shelves.

1. Good shelf is made of equal angle steel with bilateral punching and the distance between punch holes is 50mm along straight lines. The punch holes of support column are used for hanging laminates.
2. Steel laminate is cold-roll steel sheet whose four sides are bent to shape according to the required size.
3. Speed buckle and triangle-shaped metal connects support column and steel laminate together.
4. After molding, polishing, pickling, phosphating, automatic electrostatic power coating, stoving, spare parts of double rivet shelving rack are assembled into finished products. This finished product has a beautiful shape and smooth surface. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble and its laminate is adjustable.

Double Rivet Shelf Capacities (Ibs)
Shelf Without Center Support With Center Support
36" 1,000 --
42" 780 --
48" 750 1,400
60" 600 1,200
69" 525 1,050
72" 500 1,000
84" -- 840
96" -- 620
Maximum Capacity Per Shelving Unit (Ibs)
Shelf Spacing Capacity Per Unit
12" 6,120
18" 6,080
24" 6,040
30" 5,960
36" 5,400
42" 3,960
48" 3,020

1. The shelving rack is usually used to store small and medium-size goods and every shelf capacity is smaller than 180 kilograms.
2. Its application sphere is mainly manpower, manual handing, storage and order picking.

As a professional double rivet shelving rack manufacturer in China, we provide not only light storage rack, but also heavy duty pallet rack, wide span storage rack, and rack supported building.

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    The louver panel rack not only arranges the storage of small spare parts, equipment, tools, etc.
  • Slotted Angle Shelving RackIt is mainly composed of support column, laminate, base plate, etc. Bearing capacity of this angle shelving rack mainly depends on support column and it varies from thickness of support column and distribution of regulation hole. There is 25/50mm between regulation holes and laminate is a kind of excellent cold rolling layer board. Load capacity of slotted angle shelving rack is 30-150 kilogram per layer and it is ideally suitable for family business. In addition, you can customize its color and size. We also can deploy matching accessories according to your special requirements.