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Mezzanine Shelving Rack

Mezzanine shelving rack, with an overhead mezzanine rack system, is ideally suitable for those situations such as high warehouse, manual delivery, large storage volume, etc. The mezzanine rack system which ranges from 250 to over 250,000 square feet allows utilization of unused overhead space. When you need additional floor space for office, storage, assembly, or light manufacturing, you can adopt the kind of product.

Mezzanine shelving rack is mainly designed to the warehouse layout of manufacturers. Generally, there are two or three layers and the bottom rack is used to store pallets or goods and the second rack can store some parts and components or light but large-size goods. It is convenient to access goods. The realistic space utilization of this shelving rack is no so high but it is quite flexible. The second rack is not only used to store irregular goods, but also becomes a workshop such as the extended production lines of packaging. In addition, you can add some laminates such as mesh, board or steel shelf to deposit accessories and small pieces.

This mezzanine shelving rack, generally speaking, consists of two layers or three layers. Of course, four layers or above is not commended on account of taking factor of safety, practicability, price into consideration. Among these factors, your first concern is security and you must hold the principle of safety first.

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  • Bolted Structural Pallet RackIt made of cold rolled steel, is suitable for warehouses. This product is a kind of pallet rack with weld pallet shelving rack. And the biggest difference is whether support column is welded or not. And the weld pallet shelving rack is solider than bolted structural pallet rack. However, the former will waste much space and hard to transport, which is uneconomical for import and export enterprises. Yet the installing cost of the latter is higher than the former.
  • Push Back RackPush back rack, based on the first-in last-out principle, is a form of live storage with pallets being stored two, three or four deep. Pallets are loaded onto a trolley or carrier which pushes the other pallets back up a channel rail. When a pallet is removed from the system the remaining ones in that lane will roll forward.
    Push back rack, with high-cost and combination of rail and carrier, is extremely suitable for refrigeratory or other situation where need to add storing areas. And it is convenient to access pallets and has high space utilization. Due to the flowablity of carrier, pallets are accessed from one side only ...