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Push Back Rack

Push back rack, based on the first-in last-out principle, is a form of live storage with pallets being stored two, three or four deep. Pallets are loaded onto a trolley or carrier which pushes the other pallets back up a channel rail. When a pallet is removed from the system the remaining ones in that lane will roll forward.

Push back rack, with high-cost and combination of rail and carrier, is extremely suitable for refrigeratory or other situation where need to add storing areas. And it is convenient to access pallets and has high space utilization. Due to the flowablity of carrier, pallets are accessed from one side only and follow the principle of first-in last-out. In addition, push back rack comes with the typical features of high density storage and high-speed storage.

Strong points: The drivers of forklift don't need to enter into the channel of goods storage and it is flexible to access pallets with the principle of first-in last-out.
Weak points: It costs much and its maintenance needs certain of related knowledge.

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Its rail gradient is around 3° and rack depth is within the depth of 6 pallets. And single pallet weights less than 1500 kilograms. Its height is less than 6 meters.
Push Back Rack

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  • Welded Pallet Shelving RackIt is the first choice of medium and large enterprises that have heavy cargoes to be stored. Its support column has two specifications: 3"x1-5/8" and 3"x 3" and every column weights 8T or 12T. Also, base plate has two specifications: 80x108mm and 127x178mm. As for beams, it offers with adjustable height of 50mm and its thickness is 14GA.
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