Drive in Rack

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Drive in Rack

Our drive in rack has high integrity, high strength and high use ratio; it is well suited for the storage of large but light cargo. The maximum bearing capacity is 1200kgs per pallet

This shelving rack has a narrow channel for a narrow aisle forklift to enter from one side to access the pallets and exit from the other side. It allows "first in, first out" (FIFO) and "last in, first out" (LIFO). Ideal for cooler or freezer applications, our logistics equipment is very popular among all kinds of companies and factories; customization service is available.

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  • Wire PartitionOur wire mesh is interchangeable and can be removed and reused to change or expand the installation.
    The configuration of industry recognized door and lock is available.
    Boasting superior quality and wide range of applications, our pallet rack safety net is widely used and highly praised in the industry.
  • Pallet Shuttle SystemThanks to the intelligent operation of channel racks and rail guided vehicle, our pallet shuttle system can achieve semi-automated and high-density pallet storage. The safe and fast shuttle is battery operated and allows easy battery replacement; it can detect the obstacles and avoid collision.