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Heavy duty pallet rack which belongs to pallet racking system is a common type of various warehouse storage racking systems. It comes with loading capacity up to 4400lbs. Also, it is an ideal warehouse storage solution in the field of manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution center. With more than 500 kilograms per layer, heavy duty pallet rack is not only suitable for various kinds of small batch goods, but also fit for large batch goods. And it is widely used in high warehouse and super-high warehouse.

Our company has launched 5 kinds of heavy duty pallet rack and they are bolted structural pallet rack, welded pallet shelving rack, drive in pallet shelving rack, mezzanine shelving rack and push back rack. Our heavy duty pallet rack can support any goods. Generally, goods are packaged by pallet or storage rack, and then place them on the rack. Container handling machinery like forklift is able to do stored job, which is convenient. In addition, our product has high safety factors and striking economic benefits. It is a necessary warehouse storage equipment of most companies.

Firebird Logistics Equipment is a professional heavy duty pallet rack manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including firebird logistic equipments, cantilever rack, bicycle shelving rack, and more.

  • Wide Span Storage Rack Wide span storage rack is an important equipment of racking and shelving system and its bearing capacity is between light storage rack and heavy duty pallet rack. Generally, each layer can support 150 - 600kg. Wide span storage rack is composed of support column, beam, and laminate. Different racks offer different grooves to hang beams effectively.
    The coating comes with excellent anti-corrosion and anti-dirty ability. Wide span storage rack is ideal warehouse storage equipment and we can provide reliable span storage rack with different colors ...
  • Cantilever RackCantilever rack is a kind of heavy duty storage equipment. With strong cantilevers, our product which adopts professional support column is mainly used to store long material, ring material, slab, tubing and irregular goods. The single-side or double-side cantilever comes with the feature of reasonable structure, light weight and large storage volume.
    They are particularly suitable for storehouse with small space and low height. Cantilever rack is convenient to manage and comes with high space utilization.