Bicycle Display Shelving Rack

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Bicycle Display Shelving Rack

Bicycle display shelving rack, with reasonable price, is blessed with powder coating finish. It is packaged with a carton and it is simple to assemble with some screws supplied. And every layer can support 200 kilograms. In addition, custom requirements are accepted such as size and colors.

Firebird Logistics Equipment is an experienced bicycle display shelving rack manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including drive in rack supported building, steel ladder, wire mesh container, drive in pallet shelving rack, and more.

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  • Bicycle Storage Shelving RackIt comes with steel structure. It is pragmatic and stable. Multilayer storing makes fully use of storage's height to save much space for consumers. Consumers can customize the product in order to fit for storing demands of them. In addition, wheel carrier in the middle can decrease the probability of turnover. It is quite safe to store and avoid being damaged.
    Firebird Logistics Equipment is a professional bicycle storage shelving rack manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products ...
  • H Beam Cantilever Storage RackH beam cantilever storage rack, a specialized rack, is suitable for storage of long materials such as steel, wood, board or steel panel and ring materials. Its cantilever racks come with single or double side units. And its usage is similar to cold rolled cantilever shelving rack, but bearing capacity of cantilever rack is larger and its price is accordingly higher. In order to meet consumers' demands, we can create an individual sample of H beam cantilever storage rack. In addition, each arm is fixed in a single space position to prevent the cargo from being damaged when carrier access goods from the pallets.