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Logistic Pallet

Logistic Pallet is divided into three categories by its materials and they are wooden, plastic and steel pallet. It is a mounting platform that combines packaging, stacking, carrying and transporting together. As a unit load devices similar to containers, it is widely used in the field of manufacturing, transporting, storing and circulating and is regarded as the one of two key innovations in logistics industry of 20 century. Pallet is also important equipment for loading, storing and transporting. The combination of pallet and forklift plays a significant role in modern logistics. In addition, its benefits mainly are as follows. It can realize blocking, standardizing and normalizing of goods packaging, protect goods and bring conveniences for logistics and commodities circulation. We will provide high-quality pallet for consumers.

Wooden pallet enjoys the most popularity all over the world due to the feature of its low cost, high flexural strength, good rigidity, large bearing capacity, high accuracy, hard to deformation, excellent fixity, good resistance to low and high temperature, and wide range of application. Its weakness is hard to clean and is not used in those places which are demanding for hygiene and environmental protection. (The second picture)

Plastic pallet comes with the characteristic of cleanness, good integrity, easy to disinfect, light weight, acid and alkali-resistance and with a 5-7 times service life of wooden pallet. In addition, pallet is green and able to recycle. Although its price is higher than wooden pallet, its total cost will be lower than the latter. (The third picture)

Steel pallet has the largest bearing capacity and excellent slip resistance. It is green and qualifies for exporting but comes with a heavy weight. (The fourth picture)

The size and thickness of three pallets are able to be customized. Also, it adopts the international standards. Please contact us if you need more detailed information.

We are a logistic pallet manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including drive in pallet shelving rack, bicycle shelving rack, work bench, and much more.

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  • Stacking RackStacking rack or unit shelving is carrying and storing equipment which derives from pallet and a multifunctional equipment that combine packaging, storing, circulation of goods together. It needs to work with forklift. Stacking rack can make fully use of the limited space and has double functions of rack and packing container to greatly enhance the warehouse utilization. It comes with many advantages.
    Firstly, it can freely be placed according to space conditions. Secondly, it has uniform specifications and fixed volume. You can easily check and calculate.
  • Wire Mesh ContainerWire mesh container comes with many advantages such as fixed volume, neatly stacking up, clear at a glance, convenient to check and calculate, etc. At the same time, this product is sturdy and durable, convenient to transport, and enhances the warehouse space utilization to effectively cut the manpower cost and packaging cost of storage enterprises. Wire mesh container is not only seen in workshops, but also used for supermarket promotion and storage. It could be placed on rack and production line or is stacked up. In addition, wire mesh container with wheels (see the third picture) is convenient to go around in a workshop ...