Stacking Rack

Stacking Rack

Stacking rack or unit shelving is carrying and storing equipment which derives from pallet and a multifunctional equipment that combine packaging, storing, circulation of goods together. It needs to work with forklift. Stacking rack can make fully use of the limited space and has double functions of rack and packing container to greatly enhance the warehouse utilization. It comes with many advantages.

Firstly, it can freely be placed according to space conditions. Secondly, it has uniform specifications and fixed volume. You can easily check and calculate. Thirdly, it can be widely used in many steps such as transporting, carrying, loading, and storing. Fourthly, it is equipped with pallet and forklift can access goods from all directions. Fifthly, stacking rack enhance the space utilization by piling up 3 or 4 layers goods. There is no need for rack, pallet or wire mesh container. Our stacking rack is suitable for warehouse, low storeroom or temporary workshops. It can support about 3000kilograms. Last but not least, it can save space for you. There are two kinds of stacking rack and they are fixed type and detachable type. The former is welded with steel and the latter consists of four uprights and a base. The upright is made of square steel. Both the two stacking rack are sturdy and durable.

Our product's base is equipped with or without mesh and consumers can determine the size of pallet base and upright.
(IBS =Pounds)

Double Rivet Shelf Capacities (Ibs)
Shelf Without Center Support With Center Support
36" 1,000 --
42" 780 --
48" 750 1,400
60" 600 1,200
69" 525 1,050
72" 500 1,000
84" -- 840
96" -- 620
Maximum Capacity Per Shelving Unit (Ibs)
Shelf Spacing Capacity Per Unit
12" 6,120
18" 6,080
24" 6,040
30" 5,960
36" 5,400
42" 3,960
48" 3,020

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    Firebird Logistics Equipment is an experienced advertising display stand manufacturer based in China. Our products include stacking rack, wire mesh container, hydraulic pallet truck, double rivet shelving rack, and much more.