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Wire Mesh Container

Wire mesh container comes with many advantages such as fixed volume, neatly stacking up, clear at a glance, convenient to check and calculate, etc. At the same time, this product is sturdy and durable, convenient to transport, and enhances the warehouse space utilization to effectively cut the manpower cost and packaging cost of storage enterprises. Wire mesh container is not only seen in workshops, but also used for supermarket promotion and storage. It could be placed on rack and production line or is stacked up. In addition, wire mesh container with wheels (see the third picture) is convenient to go around in a workshop and it equipped with PVC sheet or steel panel can avoid leaving any small pieces behind.

Wire mesh container is made of excellent steel, coming with a large load bearing and high intensity. It, with zinc coat, has the characteristic of oxidation resistance and long service life. It is an excellent alternative to wooden container and it works with forklift or crane to improve working efficiency. In addition, it is a green product.

Firebird Logistics Equipment is a professional wire mesh container manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes stacking rack, work bench, mezzanine system projects, self loading rack, and more.

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