Steel Stairs

Steel Stairs

Steel stairs made of metal comes with a wide range of features such as safe and reliable, easy maintenance and compact structure. It is widely used in storage or other places for indoor climbing operations. In addition, users can install bottom wheels with brake devices, which enable steel stairs to move around quickly and conveniently.

Double Rivet Shelf Capacities (Ibs)
Shelf Without Center Support With Center Support
36" 1,000 --
42" 780 --
48" 750 1,400
60" 600 1,200
69" 525 1,050
72" 500 1,000
84" -- 840
96" -- 620
Maximum Capacity Per Shelving Unit (Ibs)
Shelf Spacing Capacity Per Unit
12" 6,120
18" 6,080
24" 6,040
30" 5,960
36" 5,400
42" 3,960
48" 3,020

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