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Firebird is an enterprise manufacturing and sales for many kinds of logistic equipment like storage rack, cargo, showing stand, etc. We have provided the ideal warehouse equipment for users from American, Britain, and New Zealand and have gained a high customer satisfaction. Our main products includes logistic pallet, stacking rack, wire mesh container, advertising display stand, steel stairs, work bench, tools stacking rack, hydraulic pallet truck, stainless mobile shelving cart, and steel ladder.

We offer various kinds of logistic equipment made of different materials. For instance, logistic pallet are divided into three classes: wood, plastic and steel-pallet; wire mesh container is equipped with PVC sheet or steel panel to prevent small pieces from leaving out; advertising display stand is made of aluminum and it is light and stable. In addition, our equipment can be used in many occasions. For example, stacking display stand is suitable for old warehouse or temporary workshops. Work bench can be placed in workshops and garage to store tools or it is regarded as a processing platform. Warmly welcome to choose your equipment and we will provide reliable products with a reasonable price.

As a professional Firebird logistic equipment manufacturer in China, we provide not only firebird logistic equipments, but also cantilever rack, heavy duty pallet rack, light storage rack, and bin shelving rack.

  • Rack Supported Building Rack supported building is composed of rack and storage and rack is the direct support for the roof and shack of storage. It saves the construction cost and construction time of warehouse for enterprises, thus enhancing the warehouse space utilization. Besides, rack supported building guarantees the stability of warehouse. And it is storage equipment with favorable economic benefits.
    In order to meet varied demands, we specially launched three kinds of products and they are pallet rack supported building, mezzanine system projects and drive in rack supported building.
  • Roller Racking System Roller racking system evolves from wide span shelving rack. It is based on first-in first-out principle and goods are transported from one side to the other side on a raceway or rail. Then goods will automatic slide down by means of its gravity. It is a warehouse racking system with low-cost and quick-storage. The roller racking system is ideally suitable for conversion process at the two sides of assembly line, production line and order picking of distribution center. Also, it is storage equipment applied into many fields such as automobile, medicine, chemicals and electronics.