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Pallet Rack Supported Building

Pallet rack supported building adopts the integration of pallet rack and warehouse, therefore cutting the construction cost and construction time of warehouse. At the same time, it enhances the warehouse space utilization without reducing the practicability. And its stability is higher than traditional warehouse due to its steel structure.

It is true that pallet rack supported building saves a sum of money for enterprises. We needed to construct the factory firstly and then purchase racks and build them, which wastes a lot of time, money and manpower. And now, we can firstly choose racks and then design the combination of warehouse and racks. So a large amount of money and time are saved. Pallet rack supported building comes with roof and wall of basic building, which is a solution for high density storage.

The first and fourth picture show the pallet rack supported building under construction and these pictures provide useful reference values.

As a specialized pallet rack supported building manufacturer and supplier in China, Firebird Logistics Equipment also provides double rivet shelving rack, louvre panel rack, and drive in pallet shelving rack, among others.

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  • Mezzanine System ProjectsOur mezzanine system projects is applied into actual warehouse construction. When you carry out market promotion, please see the picture and combine the introduction of mezzanine system projects.
  • Drive in Rack Supported BuildingOur drive in rack supported building offers the combination of drive in pallet shelving rack with warehouse together. Users do not need to build warehouse with steel structure or beton and then purchase racks to store goods. However, they can firstly build racks and then take peripheral reinforced support columns as support pillars of external wall. This method can save 40% construction cost for users. Except that the ground is made of beton, others of this supported building are to be built according to steel house's demands. In addition, from the pictures, we can easily find that our product is sturdy and durable.
  • Case FlowerCase flower evolves from wide span shelving rack and it is based on the principle of automatic first-in first-out. It allows pallets enter into rail from one side of aisle and pull out from the other side. It is quite convenient to access pallets by hand. Pallets will automatic slide backward on a continuous rail by its gravity. Case flower comes with low-cost, quick-storage and high density storage. Also, it has a high efficiency of storage. The space utilization can be up to 50%, and it is widely seen in warehouse, workshops and varied distribution center. In addition, case flower system offers better inventory control or increase SKU facings ...
  • Self Loading RackOur Self loading rack, a professional rack, consists of section steel and roller track, widely used in assembly line of factory and sorting area of distribution center. And it can combine with digital sorting system, greatly enhancing material sorting and distribution efficiency and reducing errors or mistakes. In addition, it can be regarded as slide, guardrail and guiding device.
    Our products, with large bearing capacity and novelty design, can combine rack perfectly. And consumers can customize different sizes according to their demands. Also, they could choose our regular size ...