Mezzanine Platform

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Mezzanine Platform

1. Our mezzanine platform features professional design and high quality
2. Factory price and customization service
3. Maximize the use ratio of warehouse space
4. Direct access to all pallets

Mezzanine platform is a multi-layer floor (usually 2-3 layers) supported by the shelves and provided with stairs, railings and lifts. This racking system is suitable for the conditions of high ceiling warehouse, scattered and small-sized goods, manual material handling and large storage volume; it can be excellently used in the industries of auto 4S shops, electronics, machinery, medicine, lamps, etc.

Also, our logistics equipment applies to the renewal of existing warehouse to increase the use ratio of space. We provide a full range of mezzanine platforms with different specifications; the floor can be chosen from flat panel, checkered plate, chromed steel plate, wood panel, etc.

1. Floor: high quality cold-rolled steel sheet; thickness: 2.5mm; the bearing capacity is 300kg-500kg per square meter;
2. Due to the phosphate acid pickling and electrostatic spraying, all the parts are endowed with resistance to deformation and pressure.
3. Specifications: depending on the actual size of the warehouse

1. We provide free design based on your requirements. Please send us your AUTOCAD drawings if applicable.
2. Please let us know the required size of your warehouse, width, depth, height of shelving system, number of bays and layers, bearing capacity of each layer, the desired RAL color, etc.

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  • Pallet Rack Supported BuildingPallet rack supported building adopts the integration of pallet rack and warehouse, therefore cutting the construction cost and construction time of warehouse. At the same time, it enhances the warehouse space utilization without reducing the practicability. And its stability is higher than traditional warehouse due to its steel structure.
    It is true that pallet rack supported building saves a sum of money for enterprises. We needed to construct the factory firstly and then purchase racks and build them, which wastes a lot of time, money and manpower.
  • Mezzanine System ProjectsOur mezzanine system projects is applied into actual warehouse construction. When you carry out market promotion, please see the picture and combine the introduction of mezzanine system projects.