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Rack supported building is composed of rack and storage and rack is the direct support for the roof and shack of storage. It saves the construction cost and construction time of warehouse for enterprises, thus enhancing the warehouse space utilization. Besides, rack supported building guarantees the stability of warehouse. And it is storage equipment with favorable economic benefits.

In order to meet varied demands, we specially launched three kinds of products and they are pallet rack supported building, mezzanine system projects and drive in rack supported building. These products combine pallet rack or mezzanine shelving rack or drive in pallet shelving rack with warehouse respectively. And they retain the features of various racks to meet all kinds of requirements. The reinforced support columns can satisfy the basic demands of steel structure building against all types of bad weather.

Firebird Logistics Equipment is a professional rack supported building manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including shelving and rack production equipment, roller racking system, work bench, and more.

  • Roller Racking System Roller racking system evolves from wide span shelving rack. It is based on first-in first-out principle and goods are transported from one side to the other side on a raceway or rail. Then goods will automatic slide down by means of its gravity. It is a warehouse racking system with low-cost and quick-storage. The roller racking system is ideally suitable for conversion process at the two sides of assembly line, production line and order picking of distribution center. Also, it is storage equipment applied into many fields such as automobile, medicine, chemicals and electronics.
  • Shelving and Rack Production EquipmentShelving and rack production equipment can fully expand warehouse space and enlarge its storage capacity. It plays an important role in modern logistics. In order to realize varied functions, we have launched a wide range of racks and they are light storage rack, heavy duty pallet rack, cantilever rack, rack supported building and roller racking system. These products, with a long service life, adopt professional manufacturing equipment such as metal roll forming system, open-type press machine with fixed bed and shelving and rack powder coating line. In addition, our product is sturdy and durable.