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Case Flower

Case flower evolves from wide span shelving rack and it is based on the principle of automatic first-in first-out. It allows pallets enter into rail from one side of aisle and pull out from the other side. It is quite convenient to access pallets by hand. Pallets will automatic slide backward on a continuous rail by its gravity. Case flower comes with low-cost, quick-storage and high density storage. Also, it has a high efficiency of storage. The space utilization can be up to 50%, and it is widely seen in warehouse, workshops and varied distribution center. In addition, case flower system offers better inventory control or increase SKU facings, needs less floor space and causes less product damage.

Generally speaking, every layer of each case flower whose height is within 2.5 meters can support 100 kilograms and goods are packaged with paper and then put into plastic turnover box. Case flowers are suitable for conversion process at the two sides of assembly line, production line and order picking of distribution center. It is widely used in many industries such as beverage, electronics, food, grocery, health and beauty, lean manufacturing, retail display, automobile, medicine and chemicals, etc.

Our case flower, with a novelty design and beautiful appearance, can combine with rack perfectly. Custom sizes are accepted and consumers also can choose the regular specifications.

Firebird Logistics Equipment is a professional case flower manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide variety of products, including wide span shelving rack, tire shelving rack, bin shelving rack, double rivet shelving rack, and much more.

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