Shelving and Rack Powder Coating Line

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Shelving and Rack Powder Coating Line

Shelving and rack powder coating line mainly has curing oven for coal, gas, fuel and electronic heat energy, suspension conveyor chain, powder coating cabinet, power recycling station, electrostatic spray gun, pre-treatment and industrial control system.

Powder coating, a way of surface treatment, is also called electrostatic powder coating. The rationale is that plastic powder will be electrified by electrostatic generator and be absorbed on the surface of iron plate, then makes powder melt and sticks to metal surface after hot air drying at the temperature of 180~220℃ . Powder coating is widely used in indoor carton and paint film takes on the appearance of flat or matte.

As a professional shelving and rack powder coating line manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer metal spray equipment, rack supported building, advertising display stand, stacking rack, and much more.

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  • Metal Roll Forming SystemMetal roll forming system is mainly suitable for producing the following irregular materials, such as light gauge steel joist, switchgear upright, elevator guide rail, cable tray, bus bridge, anti-theft door, door sheet, storage shelves, supermarket shelves, steel shelving and racking, beam, gusset, guardrail, metal tile, office furniture, floor deck, C and Z purlins and so forth. It manufactures these products through once formation and the raw material with width 500mm and thickness 4.5mm will be allowed to enter into the equipment. In addition, we can create a new sample to satisfy users' demands.
  • Open-Type Press Machine with Fixed BedOpen-type press machine with fixed bed is universal press for sheet-pressing, generally suitable for piercing, blanking, cutting, bending, shadow-drawing, forming and other process.