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Located in China, Ningbo FTZ Firebird Import and Export Company Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of a large variety of shelving racks such as our light storage rack, wide span storage rack, heavy duty pallet rack, bicycle shelving rack, cantilever rack, firebird logistic equipment, rack supported building, roller racking system, shelving and rack production equipment, and more. We are proud to provide customers with all-in-one service, from product design and manufacture to final installation. FTZ Firebird products are popular throughout China and are also exported to America, Britain, Commonwealth of Independent States, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

Our products meet international standards, and our advanced processing and machinery includes cold roll forming, slitting, triple phosphate surface treatment, Co2 gas shield welding, backing varnish, powder coating and galvanizing, etc. We specialize in providing high quality light storage rack, heavy duty pallet rack, bicycle shelving rack, cantilever rack, rack supported building, and roller racking system and other shelving system at competitive prices for use in supermarkets, commercial buildings, chain stores, factories, and domestic life.

We consider quality as vital to our company's life. Therefore, we work tirelessly to establish an excellent image and reputation with our customers. In order to satisfy the varied demands of consumers, our products are diverse and we can provide dedicated products for key accounts. The staffs at FTZ Firebird sincerely welcomes customers to visit our company and experience our excellent quality products in person.

  • Double Rivet Shelving RackOur double rivet shelving rack, durable and simple to assemble, is widely found in many places like store, warehouse, workshop and sample room. Its price is quite reasonable and its design is close to perfect. Double rivet shelving rack, a light storage rack, is named for that rivet connects its beams and support columns together. When assembling, there is no need for screw, therefore, it is easy to disassemble and has various assembly designs. In addition to double rivet shelving rack with 2-3 shelves, we can also offer single rivet rack with 5 shelves.
  • Bin Shelving RackOur bin shelving rack is designed to organize and store small spare parts and it enjoys great popularity and reputation among many consumers due to its reasonable design and efficient space utilization. Also, it is a mature product and comes with a stable quality. After the market testing and outstanding quality and efficiency control, this product becomes more and more competitive. So the price of bin shelving rack reaches its lowest level, which can save a sum of capital for enterprises or individuals to achieve a win-win situation. In addition, there are 6 specifications of plastic bins for customers to choose and different types of bin shelving rack ...